SOCi Inc., a leading CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises, will become Nathan’s Famous, Inc.’s central platform to enhance local visibility, bolstering the brand’s presence within local communities and maximizing revenue potential for franchise and corporate locations. 

With a goal to improve overall digital presence and engage with customers more effectively, Nathan’s, the American tradition serving New York favorites for more than 100 years, will leverage SOCi’s comprehensive suite of solutions, including SOCi Social, Reviews, and Listings, to enhance its online interaction with guests and elevate its localized marketing efforts.

“As we continue to grow, we recognize the critical need to fortify our online presence and establish meaningful connections with our customers to drive traffic into our restaurants,” says Phil McCann, Vice President of Marketing at Nathan’s Famous. “SOCi’s platform comes highly recommended and aligns perfectly with our strategic goals, allowing us to make data-driven decisions to enhance our brand’s reputation across multiple digital channels.”

By harnessing SOCi’s CoMarketing Cloud, Nathan’s now has one central platform that works across all of their digital channels and locations allowing the consolidation of their data and insights into one unified database. This enables Nathan’s to automate and scale their localized marketing efforts, leading to improved local visibility, customer engagements, and revenue growth for both franchisees and corporate-owned locations. The Nathan’s corporate team will have the ability to quickly respond to customer feedback across search, social, and reputation channels while also empowering its franchisees with the necessary tools to amplify their marketing strategies across their own locations. 

According to SOCi’s Local Visibility Index (LVI), the typical restaurant brand only responds to 41% of the reviews their locations receive on Google, 27% of reviews on Yelp, and 30% of recommendations on Facebook. In addition, restaurant brands are missing from the coveted Google 3-Pack in 64 percent of searches, providing an opportunity to improve local SEO efforts to boost 3-Pack visibility. Restaurant brands, on average, are at risk of losing more than $21 million annually across reputation, social, and search as a direct result of “ghosting” customers online when they give feedback, ask questions, or leave reviews.

“Recognizing the significant opportunities for enhanced local visibility across the restaurant industry, our team at SOCi provides our partners with a clear path forward for enterprises to seize control of their local visibility,” adds David Marler, Chief Customer Officer, SOCi. “We are thrilled that Nathan’s will be leveraging our cutting-edge platform to more effectively engage with their guests, analyze customer feedback, and optimize their brand’s reputation across multiple platforms.”

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