Athena Security’s Concealed Weapons Detection System was selected by Champions Club Texas to protect patrons, members and staff at a first-of-its-kind hospitality destination in Houston that features a full-service hotel, lounge and bar with Southern-inspired cuisine and private-membership poker. Located in Houston’s expanding Westchase community, Champions Club Texas is celebrating its grand opening as a destination offering something for everyone, from business travelers seeking comfortable accommodations with well-appointed amenities to locals looking for a unique night out. 

Athena’s Concealed Weapons Detection System (WDS) / Walk Through Metal Detector is engineered to detect a wide range of mass casualty threats like handguns, shotguns, and rifles without requiring individuals to stop as they pass through the detector. There is no need to have individuals remove phones, wallets, or other extraneous items from their pockets due to the proprietary multiple-sensor detection method. The system adheres to Federal Standards while allowing both auditory and visual alert options, as seen in the best practices of Homeland Security for WDS. The concealed weapons detection system is designed to scan walking at an average speed of 1 person per second.

“At Champions we are raising the bar in hospitality and gaming, and that includes ensuring the most comfortable and safe atmosphere for our valued customers,” says Trent Touchstone, Director of Security, Champions Club Texas. “Athena Security is a solution that detects weapons upon entry and is one of the many layers of security protocols in place at Champions that improves operational efficiency of our security team as a workforce multiplier.”

Athena Security’s low profile, unintimidating approach is a welcome differentiator from historic metal detector tech by eliminating the need to check cell phones and keys, allowing for a better flow into the venue. Advanced analytics and management protocols allow for deep visibility and flexibility to maintain staffing levels providing the highest level of safety. Touchstone, a 28-year veteran of the United States Marshals Service Chief with a long history of threat analysis, notes that given the hotel and membership club will require 24/7 attention with a modest-full time security team, he appreciates Athena Security’s ability to provide a feature-rich entryway security experience with the ability to automate and accomplish so much remotely. 

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