Biscuitville Fresh Southern has welcomed Andrea Angelo, Nalicia Stevens, Belinda Kyle and Scott White to executive roles supporting Biscuitville’s future growth in several key areas. In 2022, the company embraced expansion by introducing new menu items, transitioning to a 78,000 square foot distribution center, and opening six new restaurants across North Carolina and Virginia. These four recently hired executives will deliver important expertise to Biscuitville, known for its biscuits baked fresh every 15 minute, as expansion continues into 2023.

Andrea Angelo joined Biscuitville as the new Director of External Communications in June. A key member of Biscuitville’s Restaurant Support team, Andrea is responsible for planning, managing and executing Biscuitville’s external communications strategy. With more than 20 years of experience in senior marketing positions within other organizations, Andrea’s focus is to deliver highly effective communications to Biscuitville’s external audiences.

Nalicia Stevens gained more than 20 years of risk and safety experience before joining Biscuitville as its Director of Risk & Safety in August. In her role, Nalicia addresses employee safety, while also assessing and formulating enterprise-wide risk policies to ensure Biscuitville is prepared for growth. Nalicia is responsible for identifying, assessing and acting to reduce hazards in the workplace, thereby limiting accidents and fostering a culture that embraces safe work practices.

Belinda Kyle joined Biscuitville as Chief People Officer in October. This position is responsible for developing, leading and executing a plan for employee retention and engagement that goes beyond industry standards. With more than 30 years of operations and human resources experience, Belinda brings vision and leadership to a role designed to enhance all stages of a Biscuitville employee’s experience, from recruitment to orientation to performance management and growth.

Scott White joined the Biscuitville Information Technology team in October as Director of IT, Enterprise Applications. With 30 years of IT-related experience, Scott’s deep technical expertise is fundamental to his primary responsibility – supporting Biscuitville’s current technology applications and overseeing and implementing the company’s future technology goals.

“We are pleased to officially welcome Andrea Angelo, Nalicia Stevens, Belinda Kyle and Scott White to the Biscuitville family,” says Biscuitville CEO and president Kathie Niven. “Each of these talented individuals bring decades of experience, new ideas and incredible talent to Biscuitville. We are grateful for the expertise they’ve already brought Biscuitville and are excited to see where this team of leaders takes us in 2023.”

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