Burger King Big Kids Meal customers in the
U.S. and Canada can soon buy a part of the “greatest fairy tale never told” with nine
exclusive Candy Caddies based on characters from the new DreamWorks’ Pictures
animated comedy, Shrek, which opens nationwide on May 18. Beginning May 7th,
each Big Kids Meal and Kids Meal will contain one of nine character-themed Candy
Caddies and a roll of Smarties® candy as well as one of 23 “Fairy Tale Freaks” trading
cards, featuring fairy tale misfits inspired by the movie. In addition, the green-colored food products featured during the “Choose the Ooze” promotion,
which launched on April 9th, will continue through the five-week Shrek promotion,
or while supplies last.

“Shrek is a clever comedy that will especially appeal to our Big Kids target market
as it celebrates two themes that are synonymous with our Big Kids brand essence:
individuality and irreverence. We can fully integrate our promotional, food and brand
marketing messages with this movie tie-in,” said Richard Taylor, vice president of
marketing for Burger King Corporation.

The green-colored food products that will continue to be offered include Heinz® EZ
Squirt(TM) Blastin’ Green, Gooey Green Apple Ooze apple-flavored dipping sauce
and frozen Green Minute Maid® Cherry treats. Burger King Corporation sold 25%
more Gooey Green Apple Ooze than initially projected in the first two weeks of the
Choose the Ooze promotion. More than 100 million Heinz® EZ Squirt(TM) Blastin’
Green packets were distributed to customers, and restaurants sales volume of the
green version of frozen Minute Maid® Cherry treats has tripled compared to the
original red.

Different Shrek Candy Caddies will be introduced weekly throughout the promotion,
each featuring a character from the movie. The design features a clip-on attachment and a re-fillable caddy area
for candy. A pack of Smarties® candy is included with every toy. The candy and the Caddies are packaged
separately so parents can monitor their children’s candy consumption.

“A fun, character-inspired toy, along with a bonus treat like candy is a proven quick-service restaurant traffic driver
and frequency builder,” said Brian Gies, director of youth and family marketing for Burger King Corporation.
“Smarties® candy is a strategic fit for this promotion because of its high awareness and likeability among
parents and kids alike.”

The Burger King® Shrek promotion will be supported with in-restaurant merchandising, web-based marketing
and national kid-directed television advertising beginning May 6, 2001. The thirty-second spots were created by Campbell
Mithun, Burger King Corporation’s kids advertising agency of record.

About the Film

Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona) and John Lithgow (Lord Farquaad)
head the voice cast of the irreverent comedy, Shrek, from the computer animation wizards at PDI/DreamWorks
(Antz). The film is based on the children’s book by William Steig.

Once upon a time in a far away swamp there lived an ornery ogre named Shrek, whose precious solitude is
suddenly shattered by an invasion of annoying fairytale characters. There are blind mice in his food, a big, bad wolf
in his bed, three little homeless pigs and more, all banished from their kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad.

Determined to save their home—not to mention his own—Shrek cuts a deal with Farquaad and sets out to rescue
the beautiful Princess Fiona to be Farquaad’s bride. Accompanying him on his mission is a wisecracking Donkey
who will do anything for Shrek…except shut up. Rescuing the Princess from a fire-breathing dragon may prove the
least of their problems when the deep, dark secret she has been keeping is revealed.

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