Juice It Up!one of the nation’s leading handcrafted smoothie, raw juice, and superfruit bowl chains, kicked off the holiday season with the return of its fan favorite Horchata Smoothie and the introduction of two new Horchata creations: the PB Horchata Smoothie and the Blue Horchata Smoothie.  Traditionally made of white rice soaked in water and seasoned with cinnamon, Horchata is a creamy Mexican drink that has recently grown in popularity as a trending beverage-industry flavor. Available now through January 3, the new line of Horchata smoothies pays homage to the comforting flavors of traditional Horchata with a flavorful, yet functional twist. 

Back by customer demand, the Horchata Smoothie is made of almond milk, non-fat yogurt, dates, banana, cinnamon and chia seeds. Staying true to Juice It Up!’s brand promise to serve delicious and nutritious products, the creamy Horchata Smoothie is also an excellent source of calcium, fiber and vitamins A, E and B. The new smoothies, the PB Horchata Smoothie and the Blue Horchata Smoothie, contain the brand’s classic Horchata smoothie ingredients and deliver the same benefits. The PB Horchata Smoothie includes thick and creamy peanut butter, boasting 10 grams of protein, while the Blue Horchata Smoothie features a vibrant twist of spirulina, making it an excellent source of Vitamin B12. 

Juice It Up! takes pride in giving guests alternate options for seasonal indulgences that still feature warm spices and inviting flavors that we all crave this time of year,” says Susan Taylor, Juice It Up! President and CEO. “Menu trends demonstrate that Horchata continues to grow in popularity, which is why our talented menu innovation team continues to translate appealing flavors into exciting smoothies for guests that also provide nutritious value in each and every sip.”

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