It was a great party and an even better cause. Kentucky Fried Chicken named Joel Markland of Carmel, Indiana, the recipient of KFC’s Ultimate Wingman party with football legend and network TV sports commentator, Shannon Sharpe.

Instead of keeping the party to himself, yesterday at his home Markland hosted a bevy of staff, volunteers, and former patients from the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent. Markland is also donating the $10,000 in prize money, which was earmarked for a media room makeover in his home, to the hospital.

“As the father to three young girls, I want to teach them the importance of giving back,” Markland says. “My kids will get a lot more than $10,000 worth of life lessons by being a part of something like this.”

KFC selected Joel Markland from nearly 1,000 football enthusiasts who tweeted @kfc_colonel why they wanted KFC and Sharpe to be their “wingmen” at the party for this year’s big game.

In addition to Sharpe’s visit and the $10,000 in prize money, KFC also catered the party with KFC’s crunchy, spicy Hot Wings.

“Joel Markland is the Ultimate Wingman, not only because he is such big sports fan, but more importantly, because of his commitment to serving his community,” says Karen Sherman, senior director of public relations for KFC. “It’s people like Joel, who serve as wingmen to their communities each and every day, who make this country so great. We are honored to have him as our winner.”


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