Killer Burger, a rock ‘n roll burger hangout born and built in PDX, has announced plans for a strategic franchising initiative to expand its presence. The strategy starts with a focus on franchising throughout the Pacific Northwest along the I-5 Corridor, from Southern Oregon up to the Canadian border. Regionally adjacent markets such as Denver, Boise and Reno will also feel the tremors of expansion in due time. In sum, Killer Burger projects more than quadrupling its franchise presence in the next five years.

“We’ve built the concept for the long haul. Staying patient with our growth has meant prioritizing profitability for our franchisees with the most distinguishable burger brand in the country,” says TJ Southard, the CEO and founder of Killer Burger. “When it comes to an experience where burgers, craft beers and music come together, there is no other concept that brings the energy like we do. It all starts with the best-tasting burgers – it’s why we’ve been named Portland’s ‘Best Burger’ so many times.”

Following its “commit to the burger” operating principle, which embodies everything from burger menu innovation to how the burgers are prepped and eaten, Killer Burger’s menu contains a mix of classic and original tastes. All burgers are served with fries and come topped with bacon and select proprietary sauces. And, with the Peanut Butter Pickle Bacon Burger being a fan favorite, creativity and tradition collide perfectly on the menu.

Southard developed Killer Burger out of a sincere desire to open a restaurant where he and his close friends could hang out, blast rock music, enjoy perfect diner-style burgers, and drink top-tier craft beers. What ensued has become a brand with a cult following that aligns with its defining culture, vibe and spirit. In turn, profitability across the collection of locations exceeds industry-standard rates, both before COVID-19 and amid the pandemic.

Killer Burger pivoted quickly to meet the challenges of COVID head on. When state mandates changed the rules for restaurant service, their operations team upgraded procedures and changed store layouts, creating a modular service design. Furthermore, they invested heavily in an online ordering system to give Killer Burger loyalists a convenient and safe way to satisfy their cravings. Store performance has remained strong and the customers keep coming back, which means this new store layout will be adopted into mainstream operations going forward.

Killer Burger is all about bringing people the very best version of this truly American food,” adds Southard. “That’s why we’ve spent so much time in test kitchens perfecting everything on the menu, from patties to sauces so we can make the best burger imaginable.  And it’s why we can’t wait for new franchise partners to help bring the Killer Burger experience to everyone.”

Killer Burger is awarding franchise opportunities to both single-unit and multi-unit franchisees. Ideal candidates include transitioning professionals, seasoned restaurant owners/operators and skilled entrepreneurs.

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