Following engagement with As You Sow, Restaurant Brands International, owner of Burger King, Popeyes, and Tim Hortons, committed to eliminating PFAS from its food packaging by 2025 in all stores worldwide.

PFAS are a group of highly toxic chemicals used in a range of products, including non-stick and stain-repellent products. PFAS are extremely persistent, building up in the environment, drinking water, and our blood. Studies have linked PFAS exposure to serious medical conditions such as cancer and reproductive harm. These impacts disproportionately affect low-income communities and communities of color.

Burger King’s food packaging was identified in a 2020 study by Toxic-Free Future as containing these harmful and “forever chemicals.” Its commitment today follows other major fast-food chains including McDonald’s and Wendy’s, who have both made commitments to phase out PFAS from consumer packaging. Investor pressure by As You Sow and other organizations, including Toxic-Free Future, has helped move RBI towards making this important commitment.

“We are pleased Burger King has committed to eliminate these harmful chemicals from its consumer packaging. While the commitment means that Burger King is catching up to its competitors, investors look forward to continued efforts by the company to better protect the environment and public health,” says Ariana Guilak, environmental health program coordinator at As You Sow.

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