A household name in the Philadelphia region for the last 25 years, Saladworks grew steadily along the East Coast.

After insurmountable local success, Saladworks has spent the last few years introducing its chopped fresh daily fare to new markets across the country. 

Now, with 100 locations in 12 states, Saladworks has franchise agreements signed for five new U.S. markets, including Louisiana, Washington, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington, D.C. 

The company is on track to open more than 20 new locations in 2012.

After years of preparation, strategic business planning and support-staff enhancement, Saladworks is ready to bring made-to-order salads to Singapore. The agreement with Amos Lee of Singapore outlines a 15-store development, with the first restaurant to be opened in 2012 and two more in 2013.

“We were the first to introduce the fresh-salad franchise concept to the U.S. market and have been perfecting our brand for a quarter century,” says John Scardapane, Chairman/CEO of Saladworks. 

“We feel that we’re in a solid position for international growth; we’re excited to start that growth within Singapore.”

Singapore was strategically chosen as the first of several international endeavors. The Singaporean government has worked fiercely over the last decade to position itself as a regional franchise hub. Singapore boasts a pro-business climate, geographical accessibility, strong technological infrastructure and budding population with English as the primary language.  

This, in addition to the success of other American based franchises and a general desire for healthy eating, has made Singapore a key component in the international expansion plans for Saladworks.

“Singapore is rich in diverse culture and because of this, the people are open to many foods and tastes,” says Paul Steck, president of Saladworks.

“But, one thing I learned is that they don’t compromise on quality, and neither does Saladworks. Our Singapore stores will be right in line with in a culture that holds the same belief in freshness, quality and service.” 

Steck recently spent extensive time in Singapore with studying the consumer and business culture. The company will ensure that its Singaporean customers will receive the same fresh products as customers in the U.S.

Saladworks plans to replicate its United States success internationally. 

Currently discussing expansion plans in both the United Kingdom and Middle East, Saladworks looks forward to serving “fanatic’ly fresh fare” to consumers across the globe. 

“It doesn’t stop here. We’ve got the tools and the drive to grow in other countries,” Scardapane says.

“This is only the first step; we’re ready to take this model and use it everywhere.”

Saladworks, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is the nation’s first and largest fresh salad franchise concept and operates around 100 franchise locations in 12 states. 

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