Austin, Texas–based SalesVu has released a free integration module between its mobile Point-of-Sale solution and QuickBooks accounting software.

Pascal Nicolas, founder and CEO of SalesVu, says the release was timed for the start of a new fiscal year to help businesses take advantage of an entire year of integrated sales processing and bookkeeping.

“Every new cash, check, or credit-card transaction captured through SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS can now be automatically transferred to the businesses’ QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop account, without requiring manual intervention,” Nicolas says. “The sales data will automatically appear in QuickBooks’ Profit and Loss Income Statement, listed by product/service category or QuickBooks ‘income account.’”

SalesVu offers the only complete iPhone and iPad POS software that retail stores, restaurants, and services companies can download from the Apple App Store at no cost, setup on their iPhones and iPads in minutes, and manage remotely from their cloud account.

This enables business owners to view reports and charts in real time for multiple locations, employees, and categories of product or services. SalesVu’s cloud infrastructure also allows users to update prices and inventory online and beam the changes to all the iPhone and iPad POS devices.

Thousands of businesses already rely on SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS. Earlier this year, SalesVu released several highly requested features, such as barcode scanner integration, SKU management, online ordering, invoicing, recurring billing, kitchen/bar printing, and other unique enhancements.

The latest integration with QuickBooks was also implemented based on requests from many SalesVu customers in the retail, restaurant/bar, and professional services industry.

Because SalesVu will eliminate manual data entry of the cash register’s “daily sales reports” into QuickBooks, the new QuickBooks integration promises to be a time-saver for CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers.

“The time savings for high-transaction businesses like retail stores and restaurants will be significant,” Nicolas says. “In the case of bookkeepers and CPAs consulting with small businesses, sales data will automatically post as the transactions occur and be immediately viewable in QuickBooks, effectively freeing up accountants to provide valuable advisory services to their clients and business owners.

Nathan Kakela, president of North Prairie Signature, a premier bison snacks and specialty foods provider, has plans to convert to QuickBooks just to take advantage of the free integration.

“Most POS applications charge a per-license fee based on the number of users or devices,” says Kakela, a non-practicing CPA who manages the books for two different companies.

“With the free integration between SalesVu and QuickBooks, we will have the ability to manage our sales and bookkeeping 100 percent in the Cloud,” he says. “The QuickBooks integration will not only save us lots of time, but it will also reduce the chance for errors resulting from manually entering sales transactions.”

SalesVu expects that this new feature will further differentiate it from Square, whose cash register software is not as feature-rich as SalesVu’s iPhone and iPad POS. Value-added features such as QuickBooks integration are primary factors contributing to larger businesses selecting SalesVu over Square.

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