After years of being asked, “When are you going to franchise Snappy Salads?” Chris Dahlander, founder of the award-wining chain Snappy Salads, is ready to franchise. Big Sal’s will be a smaller version of Snappy Salads, designed specifically for non-traditional sites such as airports, college campuses, and malls.

“Big Sal’s is a smarter version of Snappy Salads,” Dahlander says. “I’ve taken all of the experiences and lessons learned over the past six years and packed them into an easier-to-run restaurant.” 

Big Sal’s is an outcome of a two-year incubation period where new ideas and operating procedures were tested, refined, or thrown out in order to create a successful business model.

Big Sal’s caters to people who want big portions of food served quickly in a cool environment. Big Sal’s offers guests a create-your-own-salad option as well as Big Sal’s Favorites, which take the guesswork out of creating a great-tasting salad. Big Sal’s also is known for its Big Baked Potatoes, premium soups, made-to-order wraps, and picnic salads.

Most food items are prepared on site, and the equipment requirement has been minimized so that the upfront capital commitment is lower. 

“I’m excited to offer this business opportunity to folks who are passionate about serving guests great food in a casual environment,” Dahlander says. “We are going to be very selective with whom we decide to partner because we have to ensure their success as well as the brand.”

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