Spicy Pickle Franchising Inc., the Denver-based sandwich company, announced the opening of a new Spicy Pickle Sandwich Company located in Minot, North Dakota. The location, operated as an independent, family owned and franchised restaurant by the Wheeler family, opened to record numbers for the company.

"The store is really doing great,” says Mark Laramie, CEO of Spicy Pickle Franchising. “It was built using our new store layout and design that we have perfected over the past year, and it is really paying off. In addition to the new layout, Minot kicked off its opening with our newly designed menu, which includes many new items, a catering menu, and breakfast. The store set an all-time record high in sales for the opening of a Spicy Pickle by smashing the previous record, nearly doubling it, and our new layout has handled the high volumes admirably.

"In addition to this new Minot store and the new Spicy Pickle locations opened in Houston and Las Vegas, the company is on track to open at least two more restaurant locations this year under the new model, including one here in Denver; we expect that they will outperform the older layout and design as well," Laramie says.

"The Restaurant industry is still as competitive as ever, but we now have a very competitive model that is well positioned to deliver delicious, quality food to our guests. We are looking forward to the months ahead."

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