Year-over-year same-store sales are running hot at Taco John’s this summer. In April, the Mexican quick service restaurant chain experienced 9.6-percent growth while the quick service industry averaged a 1.9-percent increase. In May, Taco John’s saw sales jump nearly seven times faster than the national industry averages—7.3 percent versus 1.1 percent.

“We’re very excited with the growth we’re seeing in sales this summer season. It’s even more impressive when you consider this year’s growth is on top of the sales we saw last year for the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Burrito which performed very well for us,” says Jeff Linville, CEO for Taco John’s.

Strong sales for Taco John’s are part of the growth the chain has experienced during its “Summer of Tacos” campaign. From April to August, the restaurant chain is launching a series of limited time offer (LTO) menu items within one promotional theme.

“Quick-service restaurants typically don’t promote multiple menu offers under one marketing campaign. But we see it as an opportunity to pay homage to our roots and stage a season-long celebration of the taco,” says Linville. “The success we found first with Street Tacos and now Walking Tacos, shows our core customers and new guests are both eager to purchase modern variations of the traditional taco.” 

During the “Summer of Tacos” campaign, Taco John’s offered Street Tacos from April 6 to June 7. A new line of premium beverages is available from May 4 to September 6. Walking Tacos are on the menu from June 8 to August 16.


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