Ziggi’s Coffee has launched its very own energy drink: Ziggi’s Energy. To meet consumer demand, Ziggi’s has created an original, handcrafted energy drink, designed to provide its customers with a customizable way to enjoy new and familiar flavors. By inventing its own energy drink, Ziggi’s continues to use innovation to set itself apart from competitors and offer a unique experience to all of its guests. The new product is available at Ziggi’s locations throughout the country.

Ziggi’s Energy and Ziggi’s Energy Zero Sugar is the new ingredient used in their Energy Infusions. The creation of Ziggi’s Energy allows more flexibility with how the company’s drinks are prepared, enabling it to provide a wider variety of sizes to enjoy. Customers can now order an iced or frozen Energy Infusion in any cold drink size, 16-, 20-, 24- or 32oz*. In addition to creating their own Energy Drink, starting April 17th customers will be able to enjoy five new original flavors, including sugar-free options, of Ziggi’s Energy Infusions:

  • Shock Melon – Sour Candy & Watermelon
  • Cosmic Blast – Blackberry, Blueberry & Pomegranate
  • Renegade Rush – Cherry, Blackberry, Almond & Vanilla
  • Just Peachy – White Chocolate, Peach & Passion Fruit
  • Sunbeam – Lavender & Vanilla


“We are thrilled to be offering Ziggi’s Energy to customers throughout the nation,” says Brandon Knudsen, CEO of Ziggi’s Coffee. “By creating something custom and internal, we were not only able to produce a quality, original flavor profile, but we are also able to incur huge savings. This has allowed us to pass on these savings to our customers, so they can receive their favorite Energy Infusions at a lower cost, too.”

Founded in 2004 and franchising since 2016, Ziggi’s was created by husband-and-wife duo Brandon and Camrin Knudsen in Colorado. From the very beginning, the pair wanted to establish a unique space where community members could gather and connect with one another, and they deemed coffee to be the perfect vessel to make this dream a reality. Through many long days, unwavering determination, and sheer passion for their dream, the very first Ziggi’s location was opened in Longmont, Colorado. Since then, the brand has grown to 70 locations throughout 16 states, with no plans of slowing down any time soon.

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