800° Woodfired Kitchen Pizza + Rotisserie is expanding to the East Coast, with New York City-based partner, M & J Hospitality Group, LLC. The first location will open at 1 East 33rd Street, bringing the concept’s unique and innovate approach to the art of woodfired cooking to Manhattan.

“We are excited to bring 800° Woodfired Kitchen to the East Coast, and couldn’t have asked for a better partner than industry expert Mario Zeniou to take our concept to the vibrant island of Manhattan,” says founder and Executive Chef of 800° Woodfired Kitchen, Anthony Carron. “As one of the most important dining capitals of the world, New York City is the birthplace of many innovations and new concepts, and home to a huge population of food enthusiasts. We look forward to introducing our innovative style of woodfired cooking to New Yorkers and ingraining ourselves in the tapestry of the Manhattan dining scene.”

Mario Zeniou began his career in the hospitality industry in New York City in 1994, and after a few years of accumulating knowledge on the city’s restaurant scene he joined the team at Estiatorio Milos. In 2004, Mario was appointed as General Manager/Maître D’ and V.P of Operations of the restaurant group. He helped successfully open locations in Las Vegas, Miami and London. Under Mario’s leadership Estiatorio Milos has enjoyed tremendous success. Founding M&J Hospitality Group, LLC, Mario is kicking off his restaurateur venture with 800° Woodfired Kitchen.

“As a restaurateur, I am always keeping up to date with what is going on in the industry, and when I read about Chef Anthony and 800 Degrees I really connected with his love for high quality ingredients and his vision for the concept,” says Mario Zeniou of M&J Hospitality Group. “I am excited to bring 800° Woodfired Kitchen to New York City because I truly believe that there is nothing else like this available in the market. Between the superior level of ingredients we use and the wide variety of options available to our guests, I believe that New Yorkers will embrace the concept and support what we stand for. We have plans to open additional locations in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn and Queens.”

Los Angeles-based 800° Woodfired Kitchen brings a unique approach to the art of cooking with fire. The concept cooks with real wood, resulting in superior flavors that are both delicious and unprecedented. The robust menu features Neapolitan-style pizzas, rotisserie meats including chicken, porchetta, and roast beef (available in plates, sandwiches and salads), appetizers, desserts and even cocktails that showcase woodfired ingredients.

800° Woodfired Kitchen utilizes specially designed woodfired stone hearth pizza ovens and woodfired rotisseries that burn fragrant woods, imparting a unique, subtle, smoky taste to ingredients cooked within them. The company sources various hardwoods including Oak, Mesquite and fruitwood that burn extremely hot compared to other woods, allowing temperatures to reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit within pizza ovens so that each pie bakes to perfection in the traditional Neapolitan style, while woodfired rotisseries allow proteins to slowly cook and develop a rich caramelization.

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