And Go Concepts and Salad and Go, the gourmet salad drive-thru with a mission to make drive-thru fast food better and healthier for all consumers, announced the appointment of restaurant industry veteran Bobby Shaw as chief executive officer. Shaw will help And Go Concepts and its flagship Salad and Go chain expand on a unique business that is resetting industry standards, and providing Americans with better and healthier meals at legacy drive-thru fast food prices, speed, and convenience.

With over three decades in hospitality, Bobby Shaw’s innovative approach to strategy and implementation, coupled with his passion for leadership development, will help Salad and Go’s continued growth. Shaw is a fast-casual and drive-thru veteran, who worked his way up the ranks at McDonald’s for 17 years, spent 10 successful years at Chipotle Mexican Grill ascending to executive regional director for the South Region and later became president and chief operating officer of Freebirds World Burrito.

“I am excited to join the And Go Concepts team and look forward to working closely with Salad and Go co-founders Tony and Roushan Christofellis to leverage our growing buying power and market reach to build the brand and expand the footprint of Salad and Go,” Shaw says. “Salad and Go is disrupting the legacy drive-thru fast food industry much the same Amazon did with retail and Southwest did in the airline industry. Salad and Go offers an industry-defying blueprint for profitably delivering fast, healthy, large portion, great tasting drive-thru meals for less than $6. Our mission is to make drive-thru fast food better and healthier and I’m proud to be working with a passionate and entrepreneurial team that is set on challenging industry norms.”

“As we aim to change drive-thru expectations for all Americans, it is critical that we have a strong leadership team with a true innovator at the helm,” adds Roushan Christofellis, co-founder, Salad and Go. “Bobby Shaw has a proven track record of success and demonstrates the creative spirit and dedication that is necessary for And Go Concepts to meaningfully change the way Americans eat healthy and affordably.”

With focus on delivering speed, convenience, low prices, great tasting, and healthy food, Salad and Go’s innovative business model has been achieving results that are changing legacy thinking by proudly reengineering the restaurant income statement to allow for sourcing premium, organic, and whole ingredients that until now were only available at a much higher price point. This allows the company to provide all Americans better and healthier meals at legacy drive-thru fast food prices, speed, and convenience.

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