Everytable has officially announced its expansion to New York City. The company aims to offer a healthier alternative to fast food, opening three new stores this month to kick-off its goal of six stores in 2022, and 100 stores throughout the area within the next three years. Founded in 2016, Everytable has made an immense impact on underserved communities with 25+ storefronts in Southern California, and over 8 million meals served. Everytable will commence this first series of openings starting with locations in New York’s East Village (229 Avenue B) and Chelsea (750 6th Avenue, and 362 8th Avenue) neighborhoods. 

Everytable’s e-commerce delivery service will begin taking orders in New York on May 23rd and will steadily expand its reach to serve over 50 zip codes by the Fall.

A revolutionary grab & go concept with meals priced according to each zip code’s median income, and chef-prepared meals made from scratch in a central commissary kitchen, Everytable’s business model drastically reduces the costs of standard restaurant operations. The company is launching its East Coast multi-channel food business fueled by a central kitchen in Brooklyn that will supply its New York storesand beyond, plus a subscription service that delivers the same individually packaged, chef-prepared meals to households throughout the city. The e-commerce meal delivery service will begin in Brooklyn, expanding into Lower Manhattan and Northwest Brooklyn, followed by the rest of Manhattan this summer. Come Fall, Everytable expects to serve Queens, Greater Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Everytable recently expanded its store footprint in Southern California with 15 new stores opened in 2022 alone, doubling its size this year. Locations now span throughout Los Angeles and into Orange County and San Diego County.  This month Everytable will begin offering delivery service to the San Francisco Bay Area with stores planned to follow.

Everytable’s menu includes a variety of permanent and seasonal offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner with prices ranging from $5.25 to $9.95 depending on one’s zip code. Among dozens of creative menu items, some of its most popular menu items include Chicken Shawarma with Yogurt Sauce, Homegirl Salmon Adobo, and a Smoky Spanish Rice & Shrimp dish with turmeric sourced from women-founded Diaspora Co. Everytable also offers several wraps, delicious snacks and desserts, and an assortment of beverages including tea, smoothies, juices, kombucha, and more. Everytable’s mission includes developing a healthier, more equitable and affordable supply chain. The company achieves this in part by supporting like-minded vendors such as Vital Farms eggs, now serving the pasture-raised eggs in three of its signature breakfast dishes.

“Our mission for Everytable is to offer a healthier alternative to fast food that’s fresh and delicious, and just as easy and accessible,” says Sam Polk, CEO, Everytable. “With our expansion into New York we’re building the infrastructure to support new stores and serve millions of meals throughout the city each year.”

When guests visit an Everytable store, they can easily choose from the full line of freshly packaged, ready-to-eat meals from open-air refrigerators. Meals can be warmed and enjoyed in Everytable’s inviting, comfortable and minimalist dining area, or taken to-go.

For ultimate convenience, guests can choose to subscribe to Everytable’s affordable and customizable meal plan choosing from 30+ fresh, chef-prepared meals. Guests have the option to pick up those meals at the store, or have those meals delivered right to their home on a schedule that fits their lifestyle and needs such as weekly, biweekly or monthly. Everytable’s program is designed to be as easy to use as possible with the option to skip a delivery, pause or cancel the service anytime. The company also plans to launch their SmartFridge vending machines to offer food service for a variety of organizations from corporate offices to senior living centers and apartment buildings.

In 2021 Everytable created their very own university with the goal to empower and train entrepreneurs from marginalized communities to own and operate Everytable franchises with zero-dollar investment required. This Social Equity Franchise program, which will eventually make its way to New York as the company establishes itself in the region, provides a unique opportunity for store employees who join the growing brand to begin on a pathway towards leadership and ownership. In addition, Everytable operates a Pay It Forward program where customers can join the fight for food justice by simply purchasing a meal (or multiple meals) to donate to someone else in need. Customers can also purchase Pay It Forward meals through their subscription or online at https://everytable.com/pay-it-forward.

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