Travelers making their way through Portland International Airport will be surprised to find their favorite coffee in a new location that takes them right back into Portland’s historic industrial river-shipping and air-travel eras. Global restaurateur HMSHost celebrated the grand opening of the airport’s fifth Starbucks store today, located on Concourse C. This new Starbucks store has the same legendary appeal, while also welcoming travelers with a chic ambiance reminiscent of the industrial Pearl District in downtown Portland.

“The new post-security Starbucks is an ideal stop for hurried travelers looking for a boost, as well as those who may simply be relaxing with a warm café latte while browsing the Port’s many fine retail selections,” says Vince Granato, chief operating officer, Port of Portland. “Not only is this Starbucks store eye-catching, it is in a key location for providing travelers on Concourse C convenient access to their favorite beverage or pastry, and is effectively rounding out the food and beverage options that travelers have to choose from, no matter where they are in the airport.”
The grand opening celebrated all that this Starbucks brings to Portland International Airport. 
As part of the festivities, HMSHost President and CEO Tom Fricke ventured behind the counter to handcraft made-to- order signature Starbucks beverages. Coincidentally, Fricke recently became an honorary Starbucks-certified barista and coffee master. Attaining certification as a Starbucks Coffee Master is a noteworthy achievement, and Fricke, a coffee connoisseur, enthusiastically displayed his coffee-making skills, making beverages and speaking to the unique profiles of each coffee.
From a design perspective, Portland’s industrial past is represented throughout the store. 
Elements incorporated into the space include a vertical tower constructed of hot rolled steel and exposed fasteners, influenced by coffee and tea shipping containers of yesteryear. Guests will find a place to plug in while enjoying their brew, as there is a plentiful supply of both standard and USB power outlets throughout the seating area. Also, unique to this location, but in line with the company’s and Portland International’s sustainability focus, reclaimed Douglas fir and tile from a local Portland tile manufacturer are featured throughout the interior of the store.
“The design and aesthetics throughout the store boast elements of local industry and aviation, giving this Starbucks store a unique, locally-relevant ambiance,” says Michelle Burns, vice president, Branded Solutions, Starbucks Coffee Company. “We are excited to work with our longtime business partner HMSHost to enhance the experience at Portland International Airport and provide a distinctive and comfortable space where travelers can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee, just as they would at their local neighborhood Starbucks location.”
“HMSHost is delighted about working with Starbucks and Portland International Airport to bring travelers a Starbucks store that truly is geared for travelers, from the immersion into Portland’s culture to the charging outlets and comfortable seating,” says HMSHost Vice President of Business Development, Renee Tedesco.
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