Kentucky Fried Chicken announced a new menu item that will have wrap lovers on cloud nine. Starting February 6, Kentucky Fried Chicken Wraps will be available at participating restaurants nationwide for a limited time. To celebrate their release, those looking for a meal on the go or a deal can enjoy two KFC Wraps for just $5.

After a successful test in Atlanta in 2022, the new KFC Wraps will finally be available to everyone. KFC is a brand known for listening to its fans, and they made it loud and clear that they wanted fried chicken wraps. With over 42,000 mentions on Twitter within the past two years from people craving wraps, KFC decided to give the people what they want. And who can blame them? Everything tastes better wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

KFC is even surprising and delighting select consumers who have been tweeting about their burning desire for wraps to come back by offering to send them a giant tortilla wrap blanket and a KFC gift card to try KFC Wraps.

The new KFC Wraps are more craveable than ever before, with two new mouthwatering options:

The Classic Chicken Wrap, a hand-breaded Extra Crispy Tender, crunchy pickles and creamy mayo, wrapped up in a warm tortilla

The Spicy Slaw Chicken Wrap covers an Extra Crispy Tender in a flavorful mix of KFC coleslaw, spicy sauce and crispy pickles

“Wraps fans have been begging for fried chicken wraps to return, and we’re answering the call with our new finger lickin’ good KFC Wraps,” says Nick Chavez, CMO, KFC U.S. “Two KFC Wraps for $5 is a steal. Whether you crave a Classic Chicken Wrap or are looking to turn up the heat with Spicy Slaw, we’ve got you covered.”

Whether you’re looking for a lunch that won’t break the bank, a dinner on the go after a packed day or a filling midday snack, it’s always a good time for KFC Wraps. Order your wraps today online at and on the KFC mobile app or in KFC restaurants for just $5. A KFC Wraps combo is also available for $7.99, featuring your choice of two wraps (available in classic or spicy), a medium drink and Secret Recipe Fries.

The new KFC Wraps pair well with PepsiCo’s new great-tasting STARRY, which delivers a crisp, clear burst of lemon-lime flavor.

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