March Networks, a leading provider of intelligent IP video solutions, is pleased to introduce the newest additions to its next-generation platform for the retail market. The March Networks 8708 S and 8508 S Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are ideal for retailers seeking a high-performance video surveillance platform that supports up to eight cameras, offers intuitive software for fraud identification and store operations monitoring, and makes it easier and more cost-effective to transition to high-definition (HD) IP video.


Serving as the backbone of a complete retail security solution, the 8708 S and 8508 S Hybrid NVRs provide the same reliability, centralized management, and crystal-clear image quality available with the company’s 32 and 16-channel 8000 Series recorders. They support a full complement of eight IP cameras or any hybrid analog/IP camera combination, making it simple for retailers to deploy IP cameras and capture the sharper, more detailed HD video needed to better identify bill denominations, faces, and other details in a scene. Designed with smaller-footprint stores and standalone kiosks in mind, the NVRs include an optional, tamper-resistant rear enclosure to prevent unauthorized access to video, power, I/O cables and connections, and optimized cooling to ensure problem-free operation in confined spaces. In addition, industry-first QR codes on the front of the recorders work in conjunction with March Networks’ free GURU smartphone application to speed installation and maintenance, saving technicians time and reducing service costs.

Asset Protection and Store Auditing

To help retailers realize the greatest benefit from their video surveillance solution and increase revenues by 10 percent or more, all 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs are fully integrated with March Networks Searchlight for Retail.

The Searchlight suite of intelligent video software applications seamlessly integrates surveillance video, security analytics, and point-of-sale (POS) transaction data to provide customizable, automated reports complete with bandwidth-friendly video images. In minutes, retailers can scan the daily reports to see if all their stores opened on time, if shelves were stocked properly, employees were dressed as required, and to review other compliance and operational standards. They can also turn to Searchlight’s exception reports to quickly assess suspect transactions from all store locations along with receipt data. If further investigation is required, the associated video is easily accessible with a single click.


“Retailers looking for improved revenues and profits will quickly see the benefits of our completely new and expansive retail portfolio,” says Net Payne, chief marketing officer of March Networks. “We look forward to demonstrating how easy the solution is to use and the superior results it delivers in just a fraction of time of more traditional video surveillance systems.”


March Networks is demonstrating its next-generation retail solution, including the complete 8000 Series Hybrid NVR product line, in Booth 1609 at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Expo, June 12 to 14, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.