At the Original Brooklyn Water Coffee Co., coffee lovers can now experience the freshest cup of coffee possible made with specialty-grade, hand-picked beans from around the world that are roasted on-site daily. Brooklyn Water Enterprises Inc., the pioneering company that creates “Brooklynized” water for use in all its restaurants’ food, beverage, and bakery products, announced the launch of thenew ground-breaking concept that will transform the understanding of a fresh cup of coffee—it’s made from freshly roasted beans, not just-ground beans.

“We’re roasting the world’s best beans and combining it with the best water around to make the perfect cup of coffee,” says Steven M. Fassberg, founder, chairman, and CEO of Brooklyn Water Enterprises. “When coffee lovers experience the Brooklyn Water Coffee Co. cup of java, they will understand the difference that freshly roasted coffee beans is what makes a true fresh cup of coffee. There’s no comparison to anything else out there.”

The menu includes specialty Frozen Brookaccino drinks such as the Flathbush Freeze and Bensonhurst Blast, all made with crushed coffee cubes and whipped creams prepared fresh daily. The roastery also offers lattes and hot chocolates made with premium Ghirardelli Chocolate in flavors such as Caramel, Irish Cream, and Toasted Almond Mocha.

“I have traveled the world and know there’s nothing like a freshly roasted coffee experience—it stands apart from everything else,” says legendary broadcaster Larry King, a franchisee with Original Brooklyn Water. “We know that when people taste our coffee made with the best water in the world, they will know what a true fresh cup of coffee is.”

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