California-based pizza innovator Pieology is taking a bold step toward expanding pizza further into the healthy category by becoming the first fast-casual pizza brand to offer three new “meat” toppings made of high-quality plant proteins that taste and look just like the real deal. 

Following the successful launch of a new menu with six premium crusts, the widest selection of offerings in the segment, Pieology continues to expand its menu innovation appealing to new audiences. The company methodically internalizes consumer feedback to deliver on-trend offerings for its personally-inspired next-gen pizzas. The new “Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds,” “Beef Meatball” and “Diced Chicken” toppings are vegan, non-GMO verified, contain no cholesterol or soluble fats, and are packed with protein. Premium plant-base toppings will cost an additional one-dollar per ounce. 

“Although vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians will love the new pizza options, the premium toppings are a healthy choice for anyone who wants to enjoy a new style of protein,” says Pieology’s vice president of marketing Chad Bailey. 

“Over the last few decades, culinary innovation has greatly advanced in the area of plant-based proteins bringing their taste and texture to a remarkable meat-like level. Even our non-vegan guests have been shocked at how tasty our premium plant proteins are and how well they pair with pizza. We’re pleased to be able to serve creativity and provide our guests with a broader assortment of delicious, high-quality toppings than ever before.”

The company already offers customers its Premium Plant Toppings at 24 locations in California and Las Vegas and starting on February 12 will offer them at all continental locations and Guam.

“We know our customers come to us for the best and newest pizza innovations,” says Bailey. “This is a great new way to eat your veggies, especially when combined with our guest favorite, gluten-free Cauliflower Crust that is also loaded with fiber and vitamins.”

“Spicy Italian Sausage Rounds” are full of protein—about 14 grams per 3oz serving—and are flavorfully seasoned, juicy with a pinch of spice; “Beef Meatball” is tender, tastes and browns like real beef, and contains about 14 grams of protein per serving; while the “Diced Chicken” topping is mild and contains about 20 grams per serving. 

Founded in 2011, Pieology was created from the simple idea of turning America’s favorite food into an affordable and interactive experience by inspiring individual customer creativity.

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