Taco Cabana announced today a partnership with national nonprofit Apraxia Kids that will kick off on Apraxia Awareness Day – Saturday, May 14, 2022. That Saturday, a portion of the proceeds from each chips and queso sold at Texas Taco Cabana locations will be donated to Apraxia Kids. 

Childhood apraxia of speech is a motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for children to communicate verbally. Children with the diagnosis generally have a good understanding of language and know what they want to say; however, they have difficulty learning or carrying out the complex sequenced movements that are necessary for intelligible speech. Apraxia Kids is the leading nonprofit that strengthens the support systems in the lives of children with Apraxia of speech by educating professionals and families, fostering community engagement and outreach and investing in the future through advocacy and research. 

“As someone with a personal connection to apraxia, I fully understand the challenges that are presented to the child and the family as they face this disorder every day,” says Taco Cabana Chief Operating Officer, Ulyses Camacho. “‘Together We Are’ is part of the Apraxia Kids branding, and those powerful words have such meaning to all apraxia families. We’re each searching for support and education, sharing stories and challenges, seeking answers and solutions. I couldn’t be more proud to partner the Taco Cabana family with Apraxia Kids.”        

The Taco Cabana and Apraxia Kids partnership will remain an ongoing effort for Brand TC. Additional details about upcoming fundraisers and promotions will be available at later dates as they develop, and individual donations can be made to the organization by visiting www.apraxia-kids.org/donate.

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