Tidel Engineering, a world leader in Cash Management Systems and Robbery Deterrent products, announces the Tidel Series 4, a new cash management system that offers an innovative design, superior usability, and enhanced serviceability for the retail market.


The primary features of the Tidel Series 4 include:


• Available in four distinct configurations – offering the most flexible design in the industry

• Base system is 18” high – making it optimal for space-constrained environments

• 7-inch color screen – providing superior usability in menu navigation and system


• Note validator maintenance door – allowing preauthorized personnel to remove validator

heads if a jammed note is detected

• Main CPU board and power supply located under the console – enabling enhanced


• Supports the standard 1,200 note cassette and the 2,250 note XL cassette

• Connects to the Tidel Tube Vend module – enabling convenient and secure

management of the in-store change fund


“With the Tidel Series 4, retail customers have access to the most flexible and feature-rich cash

management system in the market,” says Gary Landry, president and CEO, Tidel Engineering.

“The Series 4 continues our commitment to providing the most innovative cash management

solutions that offer the latest technologies, best user experience, and serviceability that

customers expect from Tidel. The Series 4 is a perfect addition to our world-leading family of

cash management solutions.”

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