Veggie Grill, the better-for-you fast casual restaurant pioneer best known for serving plant-protein-powered food since 2006, is entering the next chapter for this iconic brand. Dubbed Veggie Grill 2.0, the new phase is driven by the brand’s foundational commitment to serving feel-good food for all and positively impacting food culture through inspiring and empowering plant-powered eating. A longtime champion of plant-powered proteins, Veggie Grill is expanding its health-driven menu with a half-dozen new entrees that satisfy healthy whole food and comfort cravings alike.

“We are excited to author this next chapter for Veggie Grill, which takes us back to our roots and ushers in a transformative period for our brand and the plant-based movement as a whole,” says T.K. Pillan, co-founder and CEO of Veggie Grill. “We’ve always attracted omnivores, flexitarians and vegetarians with our feel-good food based on plant-powered protein and fresh, house-made recipes, and we are proud to expand on that foundation by bringing our menu to the next level.”

From healthy whole foods to familiar comfort dishes, Veggie Grill’s menu mainstays and new menu items reinforce its brand promise to guests that they can depend on Veggie Grill to deliver nutrient-packed and planet-friendly offerings for all cravings. Available starting on October 11 at all 17 locations in California, Oregon, Washington and Massachusetts, alongside new menu designs and refreshed in-store merchandising, Veggie Grill’s new dishes include:

Sesame Tofu Supergreens: Sesame seared tofu, power greens tossed with chili-cashew dressing, rainbow quinoa mix, green onions and tuxedo sesame seeds

Caesar Crunch Salad: Romaine and tender kale tossed with Caesar dressing, mushroom crisps, ciabatta croutons, capers, almond Parmesan, and hemp hearts

Caesar Crunch Wrap: Romaine, kale, almond Parmesan, mushroom crisps, capers, hemp hearts, housemade Caesar dressing and choice of Beyond Steak® or Crispy Chick’n wrapped in a flour tortilla

Ranchero Bean Fiesta: Ranchero beans, Tex-Mex “beef” crumbles, steamed rice, tender kale tossed with a mango-lemon vinaigrette, guacamole, fresh mango chunks, grilled corn, pico de gallo, tortilla strips, queso, coconut lime drizzle, pickled onions, cilantro, chopped green onion and pepitas  

Pesto Chick’n Parm Sandwich: Crispy Chick’n, arrabbiata sauce, cheese sauce, blistered cherry tomatoes, basil, almond Parmesan and basil pesto spread on a brioche bun

Truffle Mac + Cheese: Pasta in truffle cheese sauce with mushroom crisps, almond Parmesan and toasted breadcrumbs

Along with the new menu items, Veggie Grill also upgraded its popular All Hail Kale salad to include fresh mango chunks.  In addition, prior Veggie Grill LTOs, including the Banh Mi Sandwich and the Sunrise Kimchi Burger featuring Yo Egg’s plant-based sunny side up egg, are now part of Veggie Grill’s permanent menu – providing even more uniquely compelling variety of feel-good food.

In 2006, among an industry full of fast food and processed meats, Veggie Grill embarked on a mission to create a menu of feel-good food for all, with health-focused and plant-powered ingredients at its core. Boasting lots of fiber, healthy fats and no cholesterol, no antibiotics, no GMOs and no hormones, the Veggie Grill menu empowers guests to veggie up with its nutritious bowls and salads and enjoy plant-powered comfort with its burgers and sandwiches. Whether guests are craving protein from beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh, nuts and seeds, or plant-based chicken and beef, Veggie Grill has guests covered with a delicious, convenient menu everyone will love.

To celebrate National Vegetarian Month and its new plant-protein-powered dishes, the brand is offering a FREE new menu item from October 11 to October 31 with promo code “NEWMENU” (with the purchase any new item).

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