Veggie Grill rolled out its new menu that balances whole plant-based foods and clean, health promoting proteins. The company has developed a variety of flavorful menu items that make it easy for people to eat responsibly and indulge on familiar items with a twist.

Veggie Grill provides guests with an accessible way to enjoy a plant-based diet with savory ingredients. The new menu features appetizing creations such as the Chili Burger, Reuben on Rye, VG Classic, Masala Curry Bowl and a variety of salads that can be topped with different plant proteins.

“Our passion is to help people begin, advance and embrace their conscious food journey, and empower them to make the world better one plant-based meal at a time,” says T.K. Pillan, founder and executive chairman, Veggie Grill. “Veggie Grill strives to deliver the best the plant-based world has to offer in familiar and accessible menu items.  Food can help us heal the planet while also leading to a healthier and kinder future.  There has never been a better or more important time to lean into plant-based eating.”

The plant-based diet movement is growing rapidly with non-vegans and non-vegetarians alike seeking alternatives to meat and dairy as a way to compliment a healthy and balanced diet. An estimated 40 percent of Americans now incorporate plant-based meals into their regular diet.  Additionally, due to current events and environmental concerns, perceptions around food are also shifting and further propelling plant-based food consumption across the United States and the world.

The new menu offerings include:

Masala Curry Bowl – roasted butternut squash, turmeric cauliflower, and braised cabbage over masala-spiced chickpea curry and wild rice.

Immunity Bowl – packed with immunity boosters that include roasted yams, dark leafy greens, roasted brussels sprouts, tempeh, quinoa and lentils with a miso mushroom sauce.

Classic Romaine Caesar – crisp romaine hearts tossed in Veggie Grill’s signature Caesar dressing, flatbread croutons, parmesan and grilled lemon. Top off with tempeh for a clean, whole food, health-promoting protein boost.

Kale + Quinoa Power Salad – Organic quinoa and black lentil salad with cucumber, shredded carrot, dried currants, gigante beans, pickled onions and 3-seed crunch; served on a bed of marinated baby kale and grilled tempeh

The Deli Sub – deli-style cold cuts, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, pepperoncini, pickles, dijonaise, oil and vinegar on a soft wheat roll or wrap.

Reuben on Rye – Mrs. Goldfarb’s corned beef, special sauce, “Cleveland Kitchen’s whiskey dill sauerkraut, provolone cheese, grilled rye bread.

House Veggie Burger – wild mushroom burger, arugula, baby tomatoes, basil aioli, pickled onion on a whole grain sesame bun.

The Griller – beyond burger, lettuce mix, sliced tomato, American cheese, special sauce on a whole grain sesame bun.

Chili Burger – grilled tempeh burger topped with white bean chili, dill pickle, crispy onion strings on a whole grain sesame bun.

Veggie Grill crafts food that is good for our lives and our future, and is free of animal products, antibiotics and hormones. Its mission is to bring 100% plant-based goodness to the world.

Veggie Grill is open and serving local communities safely and following all necessary COVID-19 precautions

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