Wayback Burgers, America’s favorite hometown burger joint and one of the nation’s fastest growing burger franchises, announced a new master franchise agreement that paves the way for expansion into the Netherlands and Northwestern Europe.

Stefan Boers and Jesse Heinhuis are the two Dutch businessmen bringing Wayback Burgers to the Netherlands.   Stefan has extensive background in the food service industry, rising through the ranks at McDonald’s, first as a crewmember at the age of 16, up to general manager of a location. Jesse earned his stripes in retail management.

The pair is excited to bring America’s favorite hometown burger joint to the Netherlands. Jesse says the quality and experience Wayback Burgers delivers will be welcomed with open arms.

“The Netherlands is a small country, but it’s filled with people with good taste,” says Jesse. “The restaurant business has never been more alive, and it continues to grow stronger. We are entering a market containing strong competitors, but we are defining ourselves with great food, great service and beautiful and modern restaurants. We are forward thinking and highly adaptive, closely following the movements in the food industry and the environment, both of which are very important to the Dutch guests.”

The pair were looking for entrepreneurial opportunities when they discovered Wayback Burgers. Stefan says Wayback Burgers’ spectacular food and corporate culture perfectly aligned with their values.

“From the point of first contact, the connection we had with (Wayback Burgers Executive Vice-President) Bill Chemero was remarkable,” says Stefan.  “We decided to travel to the USA for a discovery day and taste the food which helped influence our decision. We had a discovery day and we were welcomed by the organization and the nice people in the corporate headquarters. When we combined the good food and the good people, the choice was an easy one to make.”

Wayback Burgers Director of International Development, Jason Murawski, is excited about the growth in Europe.  He says Stefan and Jesse are working hard to open new restaurants via area developer agreements in areas throughout the Netherlands.

“We are excited to work with Stefan and Jesse in the Netherlands,” says Murawski. “With their experience in food and retail, we know they have what it takes to manage Wayback Burgers’ expansion in Europe. Plus, we know they are committed to bring the best food and deliver excellent experiences to the Dutch people.”

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