Patterson & Associates, a Louisville, Kentucky-based Wendy's franchisee, has tapped Restaurant Technology, Inc. (RTI) to implement its RTIconnect back office technology in the franchisees's 52 Wendy's locations.

"What helped clinch the decision to choose RTIconnect after the pilot test were both the savings with the system, as well as the service and relationship that RTI built with our team," says Wayne Albritton, vice president of Patterson & Associates. "We have definitely seen improvements in both food and labor with RTIconnect. In addition, the ability to monitor cashier activity via the reporting tools in RTIconnect has contributed toward our overall savings."

The Patterson restaurants are spread across Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and Virginia.

With more than a dozen business entities, Patternson wanted a back office that would give them enterprise reporting, says Greg Waddell, RTI senior vice president of sales. "Also, their previous back office system was unable to provide ideal food cost. RTIconnect fills both critical needs, as well as other time and money-saving elements."

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