American Express today announced
McDonald’s USA as the latest national merchant partner to accept ExpressPay
from American Express. Cardholders can use ExpressPay at more than
12,000 McDonald’s restaurants nationwide.

ExpressPay from American Express is a fast contactless payment option that
consists of a secure computer chip powered by radio frequency technology. The
feature is an easy-to-use alternative to cash for making everyday purchases at
merchants where speed and convenience are important — such as quick service
restaurants, supermarkets, drug stores and gas stations.

American Express was the first issuer to launch contactless cards
nationally with the rollout of Blue from American Express(R) with the
ExpressPay feature in June 2005. ExpressPay is also embedded in the Clear from
American Express(SM) Card and available via a key fob that can be linked to
any American Express(R) Card. Users simply hold the Card or key fob with
ExpressPay next to a special reader near the register to complete a purchase.

Payment is authorized in seconds and no signature is required for most
purchases. The computer chip enables end-to-end transaction security. Blue
and Clear from American Express Cards also have a magnetic strip and function
as traditional credit cards.

“ExpressPay from American Express is an innovative cashless payment option
that’s value-added for our customers,” said Jim Sappington, Vice President,
Information Technology for McDonald’s USA. “The technology is fast and
convenient and that’s exactly what McDonald’s customers are looking for.”

“We are delighted about our partnership with McDonald’s to further build
ExpressPay’s momentum in the marketplace and help customers gain even greater
speed and convenience when visiting McDonald’s,” said David Bonalle, Vice
President and General Manager of Advanced Payments for American Express. “The
adoption of contactless payments is growing rapidly as consumers and more and
more merchants across a wide range of industries begin to use this new
technology and experience the benefits.”

American Express has been working with contactless payments since 2002.
The company’s initial pilots involved thousands of consumers making more than
a million transactions with ExpressPay at hundreds of merchants. Test results
showed that, on average, ExpressPay transactions are 63 percent faster than
using cash. Market research with pilot participants also confirmed that
consumers view convenience and simplicity of use as two of the major benefits.
For merchants, important benefits include reduced transaction and service time
for customers on the go. Also, the ExpressPay reader uses the merchants’
existing network infrastructure, so the system can be simply installed without
lengthy or costly upgrades.

American Express continues to sign national and regional contactless
payment merchants. Merchants now accepting ExpressPay include: McDonald’s,
AMC Theatres, Boater’s World, CVS/pharmacy(R), Duane Reade, Loews Cineplex
Entertainment, Meijer retail supercenters, Regal Entertainment Group, Ritz
Camera and Sheetz.

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