The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) announced its intent to partner with one or more high-profile restaurant/foodservice companies as part of its annual public awareness campaign, CANcer PREVENTion: Together We Can.

The cancer charity intends to work with organizations to develop one or more menu items that are in line with AICR's evidence-based nutritional guidelines for meals that help lower cancer risk. These menu items would be offered during February, which is National Cancer Prevention Month in the U.S.

AICR is the only national cancer research and education charity focused exclusively on the role that lifestyle factors play in lowering risk for many cancers. After more than three decades of research and scientific reports, AICR scientists now estimate that if Americans ate plant-based diets, got regular physical activity, and were at a healthy weight, about one-third of U.S. cancer cases—more than 344,000 cancers—could be prevented every year.

"We are seeking a nationally known brand that is willing to join us in taking a bold and important step for the nation's health," says AICR's senior vice president for programs, Deirdre McGinley-Gieser. "The science is clear. We know what we need to do to spare hundreds of thousands of families from facing this terrible disease. But we need help.

"We need to work with the food service industry to offer Americans menu options that were developed for maximum anti-cancer potential," McGinley-Gieser adds. "Americans need dishes that focus on a variety of vegetables, whole grains, beans, and fruit while downplaying the portion sizes of meat and dairy products."

Partnering with AICR will demonstrate an organizational commitment to the hard science of cancer prevention that today's health-conscious customers will appreciate—and reward.

To learn more about AICR, its mission and its 10 Recommendations for Cancer Prevention, visit You can see AICR's CANcer PREVENTion: Together We Can campaign at

And to talk to an AICR representative about developing healthy menu items for Cancer Prevention Month, call Jodi Street at 202-328-7744 or email

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