CSM, Bakery Supplies North America announced its successful acquisition of Best Brands Corp., one of the largest premium bakery manufacturers in the U.S., effective March 19. The acquisition of Best Brands brings product depth to the organization while complementing the customer service commitment of CSM globally. The combined sales of Bakery Supplies North American will be in excess of $2.3 billion.

Best Brands has a leading position in value-added frozen products sold to in-store bakeries, which are complimentary to CSM’s H.C. Brill product and customer portfolio, and is well positioned in segments and product categories that CSM BSNA has targeted for future growth.

While the majority of Best Brands business will be integrated with H.C. Brill, the distribution business of Best Brands will be integrated with BakeMark, CSM’s bakery distribution arm in the North America. CSM’s intent is for the integration to be seamless to customers. The newly formed organization will offer a broader product portfolio of best in class products.

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