Burger King Corporation (BKC) announced November 22 that it has produced a limited edition full-color Pokemon collectible poster, to address temporary spot shortages of toys. The poster will begin appearing immediately in restaurants. While company officials stressed that toys are being delivered ahead of schedule torestaurants, the overwhelming demand for the property is straining supply.

“Sales of Kids Meals and the Burger King Big Kid’s Meal (TM) continues to break records for our system,” said Richard Taylor, vice president, USA Marketing for Burger King Corporation. “Since the collectible poster is a limited edition, they will only be available for a short period of time.” Taylor also noted that massive waves of toys are already being distributed to restaurants, with additional shipments arriving daily across the country.

The 23K gold-plated trading cards which went on sale, November 15 nationwide, with a suggested price of $1.99 with the purchase of any value meal, have also been in such high demand that company officials project that the gold-plated cards will be sold out by the second week in December. “We expected Pokemon(TM) to be in demand; that’s why we produced so many toys and 23K gold-plated trading cards. But demand has been so intense it’s exceeded even our most aggressive plans,” Taylor said. “Creating these limited edition posters in the middle of the promotion is unprecedented in the industry. But we’re doing this to satisfy our customers’ needs.”

In addition to offering toys, national advertising for the Tuesday Pokemon trading nights begins airing today. The trading nights, planned for traditional dinner hours at participating restaurants, are expected to be the largest, single organized trading effort ever. The trading nights begin Tues., Nov. 23 and run Tuesday nights through December. Children and their parents are invited to visit their local Burger King during these nights to trade any of their Pokemon merchandise with other kids.The company is prohibiting customers and collectors from exchanging money for toys. All restaurants have been urged to run the trading nights no later than 8:30 p.m., since it is a school night.

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