Checkers & Rally’s is kicking off 2019 with a contemporary new look for existing restaurants. The goal is simple: to develop an eye-catching and modern update to the current restaurant image, while retaining and even improving several of the iconic design elements. In working through the reimage design, the Checkers & Rally’s corporate team developed an affordable and streamlined design aimed at eliminating stress from the operator. To improve the franchise return on investment, the brand also launched a Reimage Incentive Program, wherein franchisees benefit from a 75 percent royalty reduction for 12 months post-reimage.

“In today’s market, guests have a choice where they want to eat,” says Checkers & Rally’s Construction Manager Demetria Peterson. “We want our brand to stand out from other quick service restaurants. To do this, we’ve developed a fresh, contemporary design to enhance the experience for our existing guests and attract new ones or those who have not visited us in a while.”

Since 2017, the brand has completed more than 30 reimages and aims to far surpass that goal with the incentives in place, targeting 100 reimaged restaurants in 2019.

“To continue to make our franchise offering the most competitive and attractive in the industry, we are consistently bringing innovative ideas to the table,” adds Checkers & Rally’s SVP and Chief Development Officer Jennifer Durham. “We worked tirelessly to make the reimage process as low maintenance as possible for the operator, with the incentive as an added bonus for investing into the success of the brand. And in turn, it will improve the return on investment for our franchisees.”

“We partnered with industry giants to bring a modern exterior design that includes a new freestanding, lit brand wall, featuring our recognizable checkered pattern. We also updated our exterior building finishes and iconic stainless awnings,” says Peterson of the reimaged design. “To maximize our visibility to our restaurants, the checkered panels are strategically placed on all four sides of the building, and we updated our design for the canopy from our signature red neon lighting to LED. The results have been extremely positive for our guests and franchisees, as supported by strong sales and traffic growth at newly reimaged locations.”


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