Chuck E. Cheese’s specializes in food and fun, and now the company’s latest licensed product allows parents to give kids a taste of Chuck E.’s straight from their local Supercenter. Available in the dairy section of more than 2,200 Supercenter stores around the U.S., Chuck E. Cheese’s Yogurt Squeezes, a 70-calorie squeezable snack in four different flavors, address parents’ challenge to easily find healthy, affordable snacks that kids will want to eat.


“When it comes to food, our priorities are freshness and high-quality ingredients. This is reflected in our pizzas made to order with 100 percent real mozzarella cheese, shredded by hand in-store, a salad bar freshly prepared every day, and gluten-free pizza and cupcakes,” says Scott McDaniel, chief marketing officer at Chuck E. Cheese’s. “As we expand Chuck E. Cheese’s branded product offerings outside our stores with new Yogurt Squeezes, we’re committed to upholding that same promise to parents.”


Without the use of any high fructose corn syrup, Chuck E. Cheese’s Yogurt Squeezes serve as a source of protein and calcium to help fuel kids’ play. Available flavors are strawberry, blueberry, melonberry, and cotton candy. Each package contains 16 2.25-ounce tubes of squeezable yogurt in two of the flavors.


“We believe in unbelievable value and unbeatable fun for everyone. We’re confident that’s what we provide with our growing line of healthy snack products for active kids,” McDaniel says.


Consumers who purchase the packaged goods will receive $5 in savings on their next trip to Chuck E. Cheese’s. Two coupons on every box offer a $20 deal for 100 tokens and a $19.99 play package that includes one medium one-topping pizza, two drinks, and 40 tokens. Consumers can also find Chuck E. Cheese’s original or two-percent milk String Cheese snacks in 12- or 24-count packages, including the same value offers for families, at their local Supercenters. 


According to recent news and testimonials, 60 percent of Americans shop at Supercenters each month and use their savings to invest in themselves and their families through things like building education funds, family businesses, or paying for children’s braces. Chuck E. Cheese’s increased its value for families earlier this year with a new nationwide menu featuring everyday value meal deals for food, drinks, and fun as well as new gluten-free items offered at the same price as traditional items containing gluten.

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