CiCi’s Pizza is spicing things up for their guests by rolling out three new Buffalo-style wings available at to-go and buffet restaurants. The bone-in wings are not breaded and can be ordered with a hot, mild, or bbq sauce.

“These days, wings and pizza go together like the popcorn and movies, so it is only natural for CiCi’s Pizza to introduce this option to our broadening menu,” said Craig Moore, president of CiCi’s Pizza. “While we continue to focus on pizza, we are aware that our guests enjoy having the choice to add wings to their order. This broadens our menu and gives guests the option to enhance their dining experience.

The new wings are sold in 4-, 8-, 12-, and 18- piece orders beginning at $2.49. The initial wing roll out is soft, but Moore anticipates all 600 restaurants to have the equipment to support the new menu item by the year’s end.

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