Cinnabon is launching a new “better for you” menu strategy, beginning with two items: a lower-fat Strawberry Minibon and a fat-free Strawberry Frusia beverage.

“Our extensive research has shown that consumers want great-tasting, lower-fat bakery items,” said Chris Elliott, president of Cinnabon, in a statement. “We hope that these products will bring back guests who have strayed from the brand in search of lower-fat alternatives.”

The Strawberry Minibon contains five grams of fat. Served warm, it is prepared with a Smucker’s strawberry filling and topped with reduced fat cream cheese frosting and berry drizzle. They are available to take home in boxes of nine or 15.

The Frusia beverage is Cinnabon’s first fat-free product offering. It is a blended drink, made to order, with fat-free milk, strawberry puree, and ice and is available in 16- or 24-ounce sizes.

“These are just the first in a series of better-for-you menu items that we’re testing,” added Elliott.

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