CLOUDWORK|PRO, an on-demand IT field service marketplace, announces the launch of a new Technician Advisory Board featuring twelve highly experienced technicians. The board aims to advise CLOUDWORK|PRO, provide IT field service technicians with pertinent information, and give them the opportunity to contribute their input on how the foundation of CLOUDWORK|PRO is built. The board will also influence how technicians and clients communicate and complete work on the platform.

The group will meet quarterly to discuss IT field service topics and provide support to CLOUDWORK|PRO and its technicians. “I would like to see the board grow into not only a way to advise CLOUDWORK|PRO on software or policies, but to also help technicians increase their knowledge and skills through training courses and business management seminars,“ says board member Carl Gittings and Technician Network Advisor for CLOUDWORK|PRO.

The dedicated board members who will be volunteering their time and expertise from across the United States include Ralph Bell, Scott Coffman, Carl Gittings, Jeremy Griffiths, Luke Kempfert, Paul Price, Eduardo Rodriguez, Tim Orozco, Darlington Overo, Ron Rydeski, John Wagner, and Nathaniel Williams.

“The reason I wanted to be on the board is to be a part of something that is going to serve the needs of the technicians and the clients,” says board member Ron Rydeski, CEO of Voltage IT. “One thing that I feel is there needs to be a process to develop technicians and recognize what they do.”

The board’s creation aids in the long-term strategy of the platform and helps to build a top-tier on-demand marketplace of the best technicians in the nation. “It’s about bringing those technicians into the advisory board to drive the mission of the company,” says Tim Riefke, President of CLOUDWORK|PRO. “We also want to invest in growing our technicians’ businesses with certifications, small business best practices, and provide knowledge on how to build their team on the platform.”

One of the board’s main initiatives is to retrieve feedback on CLOUDWORK|PRO’s software. “I think it’ll be great to gain industry insider knowledge on new technologies, new products, and new projects that might be coming up so that CLOUDWORK|PRO can look to serve those customers,” adds Gittings.

The new Technician Advisory Board will not only provide invaluable counsel to CLOUDWORK|PRO but will also offer technicians what they need to succeed in the field while also allowing them to influence change on the platform.

Technicians and clients can join CLOUDWORK|PRO today by signing up on the marketplace.

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