The Coates Group, known internationally for delivering seamless end-to-end digital merchandising solutions in over 35 countries, is poised to share their latest drive-thru innovations in the States. Coates’ proven drive-thru capabilities promise American restaurants increased sales, margins and average check price.

Coates Group will demonstrate the Power of Personalization at the Drive-Thru at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show in Chicago on May 20—23.

The backbone of Coates’ offering is Switchboard, their proprietary Content Management System software. Switchboard is data driven, connecting with a brand’s CRM, POS, mobile and local marketing systems—even leveraging external data features such as live traffic, weather and social media. Integrated analytics measure converted upsell offers, enabling chains to optimize their menu at each individual restaurant.

“What we’re doing best today is taking restaurant level data to personalize and localize the drive-thru experience,” says Leo Coates, company CEO.  “That’s particularly important with large organizations who need to have rules and logic in place to determine what goes in their restaurant and why, and what product they’re showing their customers and when.”

Coates is committed to pursuing the latest technology at the drive-thru, including beacon & mobile and AI modeling. Every tool is evaluated and optimized to improve order speed and accuracy, and provide a more personalized customer experience.

Some of Coates’ innovations on display at the NRA show include:

Targeted, dynamic menu board animations driven by restaurant level data

Integration with Point of Sale systems to prompt suggestive sell and product bundling

Camera technology that closes the communication loop between staff and customer

Integrated analytics to measure success real time and optimize digital drive-thru menus at individual locations

Visit Coates at the NRA tradeshow on May 20—23, 2017 at Booth #6678 at Chicago’s McCormick Place. In addition to their interactive drive-thru, Coates will be demonstrating a new generation of self-service kiosks and their Virtual Reality Tool that allows brands to economically model their customers’ in-store digital experience.

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