CREAM, a San Francisco-based dessert franchise that specializes in high-quality ice cream sandwiches using fresh, oven-baked cookies, will increase the near-endless customer options with the addition of the We Be Jamm’n ice cream and the CREAMfetti Cookie.

In combination with the already established 20 ice cream flavors, We Be Jamm’n uses CREAM’s super-premium French Vanilla ice cream combined with black raspberry jam and chocolate chunks.

The CREAMfetti cookie will transform the beloved flavor of a birthday cake with bright confetti sprinkles into one of CREAM’s fresh, oven-baked cookies for combinations with all of the ice cream flavors and toppings.

“The inspiration for CREAM was the idea for our customers to be able to enjoy oven-baked cookies served straight from the oven to create their own sandwich masterpieces, combining with our super-premium ice cream, and toppings,” says founder Jimmy Shamieh. “The addition of the new cookie and ice cream flavors makes that even more of a delicious and customizable process.”

Both We Be Jamm’n ice cream and the CREAMfetti cookie will be available in participating stores starting April 28.

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