As weather cools across the country, consumers often crave alternative and seasonal flavors. Answering the call to the desire is CREAM, a San Francisco–based dessert franchise that specializes in high-quality ice cream sandwiches and other confections.

For a limited time starting on October 2, CREAM will be featuring Pumpkin and Rum Raisin ice cream flavors at all locations. The new seasonal flavors will consist of the same super-premium ingredients that all CREAM ice cream features.

“We wanted to give our customers even more combinations for ice cream sandwiches and other menu items, specifically for those who crave a little something different as autumn moves in across the country,” says CREAM president and COO, Jim Ryan. “Perhaps it’s Pumpkin ice cream between two White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookies or Rum Raisin between two Snickerdoodle cookies, our near endless combinations of flavors just received an additional boost.”

CREAM, which is an acronym for “Cookies Rule Everything Around Me,” offers a menu of 20 ice cream flavors and 16 cookie flavors and as many as 15 toppings that customers can mix and match, including vegan and gluten-free options. While the ice cream sandwiches are the main draw, CREAM also has milkshakes, floats, malts, scoops of ice cream, and other baked goods, such as “The Cream Taco,” a waffle cone shaped like a taco loaded with ice cream and toppings.

CREAM currently has 21 locations open and operating throughout California and Las Vegas, with plans to expand its national footprint over the next several years. Ryan says 30–40 new CREAM stores will open in 2016.

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