DailyPay, a recognized gold standard of the on-demand pay industry, has been named winner of the 2020 QSR Applied Technology Awards Crew-Facing Category. The award speaks to DailyPay’s unwavering commitment to providing first-class full service to seven of the top 10 restaurant chains in the U.S including and more.

DailyPay has emerged as a vital part of the tech stacks of the majority of leading brands in the U.S., saving them a significant amount of money each year.  Many restaurant chains, large and small, struggle with employee retention. But, with DailyPay’s on-demand pay ecosystem, DailyPay partners have seen as high as a 72 percent reduction in turnover rates and have saved millions of dollars. According to a recent study, 56 percent of employees have been motivated to pick up more shifts after having access to an on-demand pay solution and 1 in 6 now seek a job with an on-demand pay benefit.

“DailyPay has proven to be the gold standard in the on-demand pay industry and provides a revolutionary employee retention solution that restaurants need,” says Sam Oches, editorial director at QSR Magazine. “This award is a testament to the positive impact DailyPay has had on restaurant operators and their employees, especially during Covid-19.”

The 2020 QSR Applied Technology Awards consists of 10 overall winners, five from crew-facing and five from front-facing category. Unlike previous years, the 2020 tech winners were selected based on how each tech product combatted the challenges the restaurant industry encountered during the pandemic.

“This award speaks to our partner’s deep commitment to their workforce by delivering the best and most cost-effective pay experience utilizing the industry’s most cutting-edge technology,” adds Jason Lee, CEO of DailyPay.

For DailyPay’s millions of users, the ability to have the power of choice and control of earned-income has been a game-changer.

“I use DailyPay for my car insurance, credit card, bills, I use it for everything,” says Furah Kasongo from Boston Market. “Thanks to DailyPay, I paid my credit card bill weeks before I normally paid it off.”

In addition to various restaurant partnerships, DailyPay partners with more than 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies that offer an on-demand pay benefit.

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