Several weeks ago, DC Brands International, Inc. (Other OTC:DCBR.PK – News) announced that it granted the opportunity to test their product in franchise-owned 7-11 stores.

After more than a full 90 days, the company is very happy to announce that their sales numbers are exceeding all required projections across the board. Sales have been extremely brisk with HARD nutrition products challenging the top sellers in several categories and reaching No. 1 in several weeks. Results have been so impressive that the initial single store has now grown to several additional stores and the numbers have warranted the attention of many more franchises across the state.

The company’s Warehouse and Sales Manager Keith Gunter says, “We are either beating or running neck and neck with the industry’s best sellers in several categories. This is well in excess of what is required to retain shelf space. We are so grateful for the opportunity that the initial franchisee gave us and for her recommendations to other franchise owners. We expect to see the product grow throughout the chain very quickly in Colorado, now that we have the hard numbers to show.”

The company’s President Richard Pearce says, “What is even more exciting to us is that these numbers have been generated without any form of advertising campaign whatsoever. We are anxious to see what will happen once the new radio spots occur, which begin next week with our own Dave Logan as spokesman. In Colorado, Dave enjoys a lot of followers and his endorsements will certainly reach tens of thousands of listeners who have previously been unaware of our products. The numbers don’t lie. The products work and the seminars we have been conducting have created a sizable grass roots following that is spreading each week.”