SpeedLine Solutions Inc. has been announced as the exclusive POS provider for Dion’s Pizza, a 25-location chain headquartered in New Mexico, and with additional locations in Colorado and Texas.

Dion’s began vetting new point of sale systems a few years ago. They were testing a generalized POS product when they decided to switch directions and go with a POS system designed for their specific needs.

Jeremy Cave, the Director of Technology with Dion’s Pizza explains, “SpeedLine is impressive to our team because it is a niche product created for pizza restaurants. The company’s understanding of menu complexities is top-notch and was key in our decision to move forward. In addition, SpeedLine’s ability to organize the menu for employee ease is crucial.”

Dion’s began installing SpeedLine in test locations during the summer of 2020—testing it in high-stress situations caused by the pandemic. One of the specific features that Dion’s was looking for in their new provider was the ability to handle complex pricing. “When we were working with the installer, we explained our unique charging rules and he didn’t even bat an eye,” Cave says. “He had a solution for everything. This was not the case when we tested other systems.”

They plan to complete the rollout by October of 2021.

“The Dion’s team is excited to complete the transition to SpeedLine across all our locations,” says Dion’s CEO, Mark Herman. “It will certainly modernize our order-taking process and we are looking forward to seeing how those efficiencies improve our employee experience as well as our ability to serve our customers. SpeedLine has been a true business partner throughout the process and it is obvious they are invested in our success.”

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