Branch, the only challenger bank that partners with employers to help working Americans grow financially, today announced an integration agreement with Servant Systems, the software developer for the Domino’s PULSE Franchise Office System. Used by Domino’s franchises representing over 2000 stores throughout the US, the Domino’s PULSE Franchise Office System aggregates franchisees’ financial, payroll, and other store information with Domino’s system-wide PULSE in-store order entry system (PULSE).

Through the partnership, Branch will integrate with Servant System’s software to offer Domino’s franchisees seamless data transfer and access to Branch’s capabilities, including faster payment options and financial wellness tools for employees. Current store payment systems demand large quantities of cash on-site, which can lead to higher levels of theft, loss, and administrative time.  With Branch, Domino’s franchise owners can instantly pay employees wages, tips, and mileage onto the Branch digital wallet and debit card, without requiring pre-funding, cash reserves, or changes to payroll.

“Domino’s has become synonymous with faster delivery, thanks to their dedicated employees and innovative tools like PULSE,” says Branch CEO Atif Siddiqi. “Especially at a time when speed of payments is essential to meeting day to day needs, we’re excited to partner with Servant Systems to continue that innovation and deliver faster, safer payments to Domino’s employees.”

Along with faster payment options, franchises can also provide employees financial wellness offerings including fee-free checking account, an overview of projected earnings, and budgeting tools. Branch is the first same-day payment provider to be integrated directly into PULSE.

“We’re excited to begin a partnership with Branch which will benefit both the franchisees and especially their employees,” says Bruce Franson, Vice President and CTO of Servant Systems

Servant Systems in partnership with Domino’s Pizza has developed and deployed the PULSE Franchise Office System, used by over 3,000 Domino’s stores globally. Because of its timely and accurate reporting for multi-unit franchise owners, Domino’s franchises rely on the PULSE Franchise Office System to run efficient operations. The system offers stores a quick daily overview of key performance indicators helping them reduce food and labor costs quickly and optimize performance.

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