Since the opening of Donatos Pizza’s first Tennessee location in Nashville’s Midtown less than six months ago, the brand’s Edge to Edge pizza has been a hit with consumers and franchise partners alike. 

“Within weeks of opening our Midtown location, we began receiving inquiries about further expansion in the area,” says Tom Pendrey, Donatos COO. “We are thrilled with the reception and are happy to announce that several area individuals have already negotiated rights to build additional restaurants in Nashville, as well as other parts of Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky.” 

Pendrey said Nashville’s revitalization efforts and growth make the area an ideal location for additional Donatos restaurants.

“Nashville continues to be one of America’s fastest-growing cities and presents a perfect opportunity for Donatos to expand its customer base.”

Donatos was founded in 1963 when Ohio State sophomore Jim Grote bought a small pizza shop in Columbus for $1,300. The company was classified “Best in Class” and acquired by McDonald’s Corporation in 1999 as a way to get into the pizza business, but was bought back by the Grote family in 2003. 

The restaurant serves wings, sub sandwiches, appetizers, and salads in addition to its Edge-to-Edge pizza, Donatos’ trademark that refers to toppings that go right to the edge of the pizza. Along with dine-in experience, Donatos also offers delivery and catering services, along with 26 toppings for customizable and signature pizzas. 

To further augment the company’s local growth, Pendrey says Donatos is looking for partners based in Nashville.

“You do better when you have somebody who knows the market,” he says. “They know the people who live there; they know where they shop. That’s always a big plus.”

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