Follett Corporation announced that all Horizon self-contained, air-cooled ice machines are now Energy Star qualified.

In addition, single-phase remote condensing units of the 1000, 1400, and 1650 series models are qualified. This represents the broadest offering of extruded ice machines in the industry that have been awarded the Energy Star.

Follett ice machines have led the industry in energy and water efficiency through advanced technology. Horizon ice machines utilize an industry-exclusive aluminum bronze evaporator that's twice as conductive as stainless steel.

The horizontal evaporator design reduces the load on the gear motor. With continuous ice production, the cycle is never reversed for ice removal like cube icemakers, and it uses 40 percent less water than comparable cubers.

Founded in 1948, Follett Corporation is a manufacturer of ice-related equipment, including ice machines, ice storage and transport equipment, ice and beverage, ice and water dispensing equipment, and medical-grade refrigeration equipment for foodservice and healthcare markets worldwide.