Drive-Thru Leaderboard from HM Electronics Inc.’s (HME) visual display system, the Drive-Thru Leaderboard, highlights speed-of-service metrics in the drive-thru across multiple stores and ranks each one based on average drive-thru times, encouraging crewmembers compete to improve speed of service, productivity and customer service as they strive to see their store ranking improved against other affiliated restaurants.

Working in combination with the HME Zoom Leaderboard can identify drive-thru areas that need to be improved in order to increase speed of service and overall ranking. “Operators understand the correlation between speed of service and sales,” says Daren Haas, vice president of Marketing and New Business Development at HME. “When restaurants compete against each other, employees deliver faster speed of service and Drive-Thru Leaderboard displays a restaurant’s drive-thru speed-of-service metrics against its other affiliated restaurants to ignite employees’ competitive spirit. As employees become more engaged in the competition they are motivated to produce faster.

“Drive-Thru Leaderboard creates a sense of competition between employees,” adds Haas. “It’s a win-win-win. Faster speed of service, better service, and employees are actively engaged.”

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