Operators who are looking for a tasteful and tasty way of showcasing their restaurant’s latest initiatives are finding wrapped, branded buttermints to be a valuable choice. Hospitality Mints, America’s leading signature buttermint company in foodservice, has created a video that makes it easy to see the benefits of an after-dinner mint.

“This video is a way of helping our customers know and understand the marketing power of a simple branded mint,” says Kathi Guy, vice president of marketing for Hospitality Mints. “A recent survey we conducted shows 90 percent of consumers would notice a branded mint and it would leave them with a stronger and more positive impression of the establishment. We also found that 74 percent of consumers are pleasantly surprised and feel appreciated when they are presented with a branded wrapped mint."
Guy says when a foodservice order is placed for branded mints, customers can get up to four different wrappers per a case. Restaurants can personalize mints with not only the name or logo of the establishment, but also messages to find them on Facebook, go to their website for coupons, or to support a new business initiative like catering.
The video also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the candy factory, located in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina. The company’s original owner learned the art of candy making from a local couple who made their mints in a kettle pot and then kneaded the candy on marble slabs.
The modern company has taken those same techniques and created automated systems to create the best-tasting mints. Hospitality Mints produces four million hard and soft candies a day in 15 taste-tempting varieties.
“Our sales team, distributors, and brokers have embraced the video,” says Guy. “It’s a valuable tool to use when calling on restaurant operators, as it gives a quick snapshot of who we are and how they can use our mints to market their business.”
Hospitality Mints has plans to expand its video library with testimonials from current operators who have seen success by using branded mints. 
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