Known for serving up freshly blended-to-order fruit smoothies, juices and good-for-you snacks, Jamba Juice has selected Radiant Systems, Inc.’s Aloha eFrequency application for its ability to create targeted loyalty programs and consistently track vital customer data. Jamba Juice has more than 500 company and franchised/licensed stores in 26 states nationwide.

Radiant’s Aloha eFrequency application provides Jamba Juice with Web-based tools to easily design and deploy new promotion programs based on repeat customer visits. These programs are simple to customize to fit a wide variety of Jamba Juice’s personalized marketing campaigns. Additionally, as a hosted application Aloha eFrequency gives consumers the flexibility to frequent any Jamba Juice location.

“At Jamba Juice, we are continually exploring opportunities that enable our consumers to live healthy, energetic lifestyles and extends our positive brand message for which we are known,” TJ Williams, vice president of marketing and brand development at Jamba Juice, said in a press release. “Aloha eFrequency will help us support this mission through tailored programs to reward our loyal consumers and build our customer base. Since eFrequency is fully integrated with the jambacard, a stored-value gift card, implementing our loyalty program will be seamless for our team members and customers.”

“Jamba Juice was founded on the principles of creating a healthy business that makes a meaningful difference in people’s lives,” Andy Heyman, president of the Radiant Hospitality Division, said in the press release. “Radiant shares this passion and as a company we’re proud to support these principles with our gift card and loyalty solutions. We believe the more value we can add to a restaurant operation, the easier we make operators’ lives.”

The success of Jamba Juice and consumer demand for healthy and delicious products is fueling expansion in other major markets outside of California, including Chicago, Denver, Seattle and key cities in Florida and Arizona.

Radiant’s Aloha eFrequency can also easily manage and control employee meal and house account programs, ensuring costs are accounted for accurately. Seamlessly integrated with the award-winning suite of Aloha point-of-sale applications, Aloha eFrequency can implement new customer promotions with minimal training to in-store staff and no intervention by store managers. Customers receive the immediate benefits of new programs, which can include real-time discounts at the point-of-sale, enhancing the impact of promotional campaigns.

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