In response to demand for foodservice-management and nutrition education at the postsecondary level, Kendall College announced today that it is now offering two new concentrations—a Food Service Management concentration within the School of Business and a Culinary Nutrition concentration within the School of Culinary Arts.

B.A. in Culinary Arts with Concentration in Culinary Nutrition

Test kitchens, healthcare facilities and restaurants are in need of culinary professionals who are knowledgeable of the nutritional and culinary requirements for a diverse population including children, teens, elderly, vegetarians and people with certain allergies, food intolerances or healthcare needs.

By earning a B.A. in Culinary Arts with a concentration in Culinary Nutrition, Kendall College graduates can pursue careers as executive chefs, caterers, personal chefs and special-events chefs. The Culinary Nutrition concentration, which blends traditional culinary-arts training with the science of nutrition, includes the following courses: Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Nutrition I and II, Humans and Other Living Things, Nutritional Food Technology, Nutritional Cooking and Vegetarian Cuisine.

B.A. in Business with Concentration in Food Service Management

Kendall College is also offering a Food Service Management concentration within the Bachelor of Arts Business degree.

Graduates with a concentration in Food Service Management can seek employment in a wide range of operations such as chain and franchise restaurants and catering companies, as well as large retailing and food-delivery entities that package, prepare and/or supply food to establishments such as schools, healthcare facilities and other commercial businesses. The Food Service Management concentration includes courses such as Quantity Food Service Production, Logistics of Food Service Management, Consumer Behavior, Ingredients, Nutrition and Food and Beverage Management.

“Internal research suggests that there is an academic need within the Chicago area and beyond for culinary nutrition and foodservice-management programs,” says Dr. Nivine Megahed, president of Kendall College. “With Kendall’s groundbreaking new foodservice-management and culinary-nutrition concentrations, we’re able to open up a new world of career opportunities for our graduates.”

In July 2008, Kendall College was purchased by Laureate Education, Inc., a global network of 43 institutions of higher learning with 100 campuses in 20 countries. The acquisition has enabled Kendall to invest in its future development by offering these types of new programs as well as making new facility enhancements.